Monday, January 31, 2011

Bank of America Credit Card and Mint Problems

There is an issue that some people are having with the Bank of America Credit Cards not updating in Mint. All the other accounts with Bank of America tend to be fine. It's only the Credit Card account that is broken.

I just read a couple other posts similar to this one and after a trying out a few things, my account is finally fixed.

It's still a problem with Mint's systems though...

Here are the steps to follow in THIS ORDER:

Note: This tutorial will require that you delete your BofA account and add it back. Once your original BofA account is deleted, you will not be able to restore any transactions from it and your new account will only have about 2 months of history in it.

  1. Export all your Bank of America transactions from Mint. (Go to any BofA transaction register. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Export all xxx transactions." It will give it to you in a comma delimited text file which you can use Excel to open up.

  2. AFTER you have exported all your transactions, open up the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that it gave you and make sure that all you BofA accounts are in there. There is a column called "Account." Just make sure that you see "Checking," "Savings," or whatever you called your BofA accounts.

    The reason you must backup your transactions first is because you are going to need to recategorize all your transactions once you are done following this tutorial.

  3. After you have verified that all your accounts are in the CSV file, then you can delete your BofA account from mint. REMEMBER! Once you delete your account, you CANNOT restore it! It's gone forever! And that includes all of your historical transactions. So, only do this as a last resort or if you don't mind losing all your data minus the last 2 months of transactions!

  4. After your BofA account is deleted, then add your BofA account back. Make sure you click on the account type of "Bank of America" and not "Bank of America (All except WA & ID)" as I've found the first one to be better.

  5. Once your account is added back, you'll have the last two months of transactions back in your account transaction history and your BofA Credit Card should be up to date! Now, all you have to do is look at your CSV file and compare it to the transactions in your new account register and start recategorizing!

Hopefully this will help you.

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