Friday, June 11, 2010

Post Office

Every time I go to the post office and pick up my mail from my PO Box, I ALWAYS get crap mail. I mean...who doesn't, right?

Anyway, I think that all Post Offices should provide document shredders right at the post office so that you can shred your crap right there without having to take it home and do it. I mean, who of us actually takes our stuff home and shreds it right then and there? I definitely don't. When I take my stuff home to be shredded, it ends up just sitting there in the office for months...maybe years before I actually shred it, then, by that time, there's so much accumulated stuff that I it would take forever to shred it in one sitting. So, you have to make a day of it and sit there at your residential shredder and start scanning eight by eight. Then, once you start thinking about an entire day of shredding, you decide that you don't want to do that, so you start thinking about other ways you can massively get rid of 4 years worth of stuff that should've been shredded.

You come up with a brilliant idea! "I know," you say to yourself, "I'll BURN it! BURN IT ALL!!"

Then, once you realize how awesome of an idea burning all of your stuff is, you start to get excited about the fire and flames and cinders floating through the air and you realize that you don't have a pile quite big enough yet to consider burning. So, you continue to throw your stuff in the "burn pile" and it piles up even more.

Post Offices need shredders because they would help us defeat global warming.

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