Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bakersfield's Newest A Capella Jazz Group: Mondays at Eight

We know that these songs are not perfect, but we're really excited about the work that we've accomplished, especially for only having rehearsed on about 10 occasions. Our first gig is April 1st for a local fundraiser and after that, we'll be ready for more gigs! So, if you know of anyone who is in need of musical entertainment, please let me know!

Here's some of the songs that we rehearsed today. Like I said, we know that these aren't perfect, but they are live recordings, without any punch-ins, taken on my iPhone and we recorded everything in about an hour and a half. Enjoy!

  • [wpaudio url="" dl="0" text="Modinha"]

  • [wpaudio url="" dl="0" text="I'm With You"]

  • [wpaudio url="" dl="0" text="If It Could Be"]

  • [wpaudio url="" dl="0" text="I Hear Music"]

  • [wpaudio url="" dl="0" text="God Only Knows"]

  • [wpaudio url="" dl="0" text="I'll Be Seeing You"]


Joe C said...

I still have yet to hear them! I don't have headphones at the moment. I'll check them out soon. Where are you gigging on April 1?

Deandre said...

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