Monday, September 29, 2008


I just discovered this OpenID thing. It's pretty book. I'm using the Verisign PIP Beta. It's working pretty well.

The only bad thing is that it doesn't have a whole lot of sites that are listed quite yet. More sites would make this be a little better. Aside from that, however, I would recommend you to try it out.

For those of you who don't know what OpenID is, I'll try to describe it:

OpenID basically is an Open Source type of sign on package that you can sign up for ('s FREE). As I stated above, I use Verisign's PIP version. It makes it so that you can easily and securely sign in to your favorite and most used sites simply by creating a profile. After you create your profile, you just start adding the sites that you visit frequently to your profile. This profile is not like a Myspace profile - it's only for YOUR use. Verisign will ask you for the username and password of each site that you log in to (This is the part where you have to select from a list...and this is why I said, I wish this list was bigger). Verisign will store this information on their secure servers and provide you with a link that only you can use and only if you're signed in. After you get this link, all you have to do is log in to PIP and you have essentially logged into all of those sites that you set up in your profile. This makes it so that you only have to log in once.

Anyway, it's worth a shot to give it a try. Let me know what you think.

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garyinca said...

Hi: Thanks for the kind words. I am the technical director for the PiP/SeatBelt project here at Verisign and I wanted to let you know two things are underway as it relates to more sites for One-Click. The first is we're actively working on the ability for you as a user to add your own and second we continue to add more sites every day until we release an updated version. If there is site you would like to see added you can send me an email to gkrall at verisign dot com