Monday, October 13, 2008


Man...Gmail just keeps getting better and better!

I know that a lot of these features that I just started using are not new; I think they've been around for a long time...but I just discovered how cool Gmail is.

I didn't really understand what the label feature was for. I thought it was kind of useless, but I just started using it and once again, Google proves me wrong. The label feature is kind of like a folder structure that you can create. You can use labels in combination with filters and have your email automatically sorted for you as it arrives in your inbox. For instance, you can create a filter to say "Whenever I get an email from any address with a domain name of "," apply the "GoDaddy" label onto it, mark it as archived, and mark it as read. It's pretty nice.

I used to use Outlook for all my email accounts because I only had to boot up Outlook and it would retrieve all of my mail for me, but I don't mind having to sign on to Gmail anymore. The features that they have are pretty nice. For instance, the calendar feature...AWESOME! I have been trying to find a way to upload a public calendar online somewhere. This is the easiest thing that I have found, plus, it's free! AND, I believe it also integrates with Gmail, just like outlook integrates with its calendar function.

I just discovered that you can change the colors of your labels so that certain labels can catch your attention better. It's just an overall good system! Very happy.

There are, however, some changes that would be very beneficial:

1. I've noticed that when you reply to an email and you have your signature saved on your Gmail profile, instead of attaching your signature at the end of your message that you're currently typing, the signature gets attached at the end of the entire string of messages. Basically, when you reply to someone, your signature shows up at the bottom of their message instead the bottom of your message. I wish this was fixed so that your signature goes in the right place.

2. I would also like a way to have your signature be in HTML format instead of plain text. My signature looks so boring in just plain text...

3. Labels: sub labels...this would be nice.

Anyway, that's my take on Gmail. What's yours? Leave your comments!

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