Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Primerica and Network Marketing

It's interesting how many people think that companies like Primerica is a "pyramid scheme."

There are SO many people who think that they know SO much about these types of opportunities, but they 'indeed' do not...

Before you jump all over me, you should know that I am not a representative of Primerica, nor do I personally know anyone in Primerica.

There are MANY different types of businesses out there. The two main types of business models out there are traditional business and MLM (multi-level marketing, network marketing, etc). In traditional business, the businesses rely on spending 90% of their money on advertising, whether it be tv commercials, postcards, telemarketing, etc. The problem with this type of advertising model is that MILLIONS of people don't care: they will throw away postcards, switch the station on commercials, and hang up on telemarketers. However, even though these people disregard the traditional business' advertising, the company STILL has to pay for it right? This is where multi-level MARKETING comes in.

In a legitimate and legal network marketing company the company pays its representatives (Primerica's reps) by the customer. It works very much the same way as a car lot pays it's employees. On a car lot, the salesman doesn't get paid unless he makes a sale. In a LEGITIMATE network marketing opportunity, just because you sponsor someone in the company means nothing, you actually have to help them get a customer or two.
Network marketing provides a way that any normal person can partner up with a company and start to build a true business WITHOUT having to put up the start up seed capital for starting it on their own. The reason why there is a fee is because you are purchasing the RIGHT to become a reseller of whatever company's product or service. Very much the same as ALL the companies out there that offer some sort of affliate program!

Come on guys and gals, do you REALLY think that if Primerica was doing something illegal that CitiGroup would be their mother company?

Do you seriously think that you, someone who spends their time doing "internet research", know the same things that the people who are on the legal team for CitiGroup know? Don't you think that if opportunities like this were illegal, companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Kirby, and all the other 198 well known companies listed here would be put out of business? I think so...

Primerica, along with MANY other companies, is a legitimate business opportunity. Not EVERYTHING you see is "too good to be true."

With all that said...

I just wanted to tell everyone about an AWESOME opportunity for income. With Primerica, it may prove to be difficult to find enough business to keep your family afloat. Why? this is because once you have their service, there is only so much that they can do with you until you've made all the money you possibly can from them. Now what?! Now, you have to move on and find another person do either do business with or business for.

There is a brand new opportunity out there that was founded by the grandson of the founder of 7-11. The opportunity is called Ambit Energy. Think about this: instead of getting paid on the rare occasion that someone refinances their house or buys life insurance, what if it was even more simple than that?

What if you were paid every time someone paid their electricity or gas bill? Would it be easier to find customers? What if this company offered travel rewards for all their customers every time they paid their utilities bill? What if this company offered the ability to get FREE GAS AND ELECTRICITY for the rest of your life just for you, as a normal customer, referring 15 people to use their services? Would it be easier to find customers? Would it be easier to sell? Are you REALLY selling? How you can sell something that someone is already using? What if the price of gas and electricity is cheaper through the new company?

If I have piqued your interest in this company as customer, go here:

If I have piqued your interest in this company as a consultant, go here:
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The compensation plan for this company is OUT OF THIS WORLD and blows the top off of Primerica!

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