Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Web Hosting: Who's a Good Host?

Taken from a reply that I wrote on Website Babble forums:

VPS = Virtual Private Server. I would venture to say that you don't need it. This means that you will have a virtual server entirely dedicated to your website(s). Unless you're hosting a competitor to YouTube or Google or something, you won't be needing a VPS. VPS is more designed for people who need to be able to install custom software on their servers in order for their applications to run well. For instance, I have a website that I have a VPS server for and we use it so that we can create streaming media points with IIS media services. If you don't need custom software (and most do not), I would advise that you NOT pay the extra $$ and just go with shared hosting.

Anyway, as far as web hosting goes, I would STRONGLY recommend Arvixe hosting.

I have been using them for a short time, but in this short time they have GREATLY exceeded my expectations on many different levels.

I have been with GoDaddy for a while before switching to Arvixe. There are a few reasons that I would not go with GoDaddy again. First of all, GoDaddy is not a bad host, but there are some limitations to their (Windows) hosting packages.

1) It takes FOREVER to make any domain level changes. If you're creating a sub domain, or virtual directory, etc.

2) It takes FOREVER to set up a database unless you're using Access.

3) They SAY that they allow for hosting multiple website, but in reality, you only get ONE website and then the rest of the websites that you host are created as sub directories under the first website.

So, if you're main hosting site is, and you have another site that you're hosting with GoDaddy called, your website will actually show up as

If stuff like this doesn't matter to you, then it doesn't really matter, but I would definitely go with Arvixe over GoDaddy any day.

They are a smaller company and they actually provide you TRUE support if something goes wrong....even in your coding...GoDaddy will definitely NOT provide that.

Arvixe is cheaper than GoDaddy anyway. I'm paying $9 / month for

- Disk space
- Bandwidth
- Databases (SQL Server 2008, Access, My SQL)
- FTP accounts
- Mail accounts
- Domain hosting

GoDaddy's comparable package is $14.99 / month.

Also...Arvixe has virtually NO bad reviews...

Here is the link showing you their website and where it is.

- Compare to GoDaddy's Unlimited Plan: -

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