Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, I created a new word. It's FOAF or FoaF.

It means "Friend of a Friend". Know that Jaress Loo just created it today shortly before the time of this post. Feel free to use this acronym for personal or commercial use.

Should you decide to use it, I'd love to know! Post a comment here!


Bingle said...

Used it today with rave reviews, and by "rave reviews" I mean "confused stares". But don't worry. My coworker was totally secretly impressed.

She was like, "How do you know lisa?" And I was all, "oh, you know, FOAF," And she was like, "What?!" And I was all, "you heard me, bitch!"

Jaress said...


It'll catch on. You KNOW! :)

Tangela said...

I am totally wowed and peprared to take the next step now.